Party Venue

The Victory Hall is an ideally venue for a Party, be it Baptism, Birthday,Anniversary, Engagement, Wedding or any other joyous occasion.

The stage is large enough to comfortably accommodate a 5 piece band or a DJ with all of his equipment. We have spotlights we can be turned on to highlight the performers. Alternatively you may connect a MP3 player or I Phone to our PA system and provide your own choice of music for free !

You may bring your own Food & Drinks as long as alcohol is not sold, or we can arrange a comprehensive Buffet table and provide a full range of soft drinks, wines and spirits from our fully Licenser Bar.


Alternatively, the Hall can be offered with the adjoining Forest Room with separate tables and seating up to 40 people. This room is ideal for a separate buffet area or a quiet place to talk and catch up with the family, away from the hustle and noise of the main Hall. Within this room we can operate a dedicated Fully Licensed Bar for the function.

Please contact Jackie Burke or Sarah Burke on 01444 – 811226 or email

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